Large 16" 1 Item Pizza 8 pc Chicken & JoJo's Pint of Coleslaw $34.95 (at participating locations only)


Large Tossed Salad $8.95


Blonde & Chocolate Brownie M&M's, Sprinkles & Chocolate Chips. $7.95 (at participating locations only)

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Buckeye Wings

Breaded Wings Dipped in a Sweet Glaze with a Fiery Finish! Yummmmm

Gionino's House Italian

Available for in-store purchase. Our House Italian Dressing and Marinade. $4.95
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Gionino's Plaza - 30 Years Ago and Today'


Gionino's Pizzeria has been serving up "Your Hometown Pizza Favorites" for over 30 years. The original restaurant is a small lively hangout for family members and locals alike. What began as a dream for brothers Sam and Chuck Owen in Tallmadge, Ohio has developed into a growing franchise with over 50 locations throughout Ohio. Sam and Chuck's vision has become a reality. Their belief in quality and value has garnered the respect of not only their customers, but also their peers. "Best tasting pizza" became the benchmark by which their franchise has grown. What makes Gionino's Pizzeria different? It's our food. Everything we serve is made from the freshest ingredients with just the right old world flavor. Our recipes are exclusive to Gionino's. Not your ordinary "cookie cutter" recipes. Gionino's introduced it's soon to be famous "Italiano Fried Chicken". Family and friends were amazed. Finally fried chicken done right! Let's face it, anybody can hang out a sign and sell pizza. Not everybody can do it right.